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Current Obsessions: 10 things I’m loving

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This post is a pretty random list of things I’m currently loving. There’s really no reason for sharing it other than I’m bored out of my mind and need something to do! Lol. If you’re bored too, then I hope you enjoy scrolling through a list of my 10 most recent current obsessions. 

1. Makeup Removing Towel

I can be so lazy about taking off my make-up every day (I know that’s so bad!). These make-up removing towels have made life so much easier! They remove all your make-up (even the water proof stuff) with just water. I have no idea how they work, but I’m obsessed.

2. Obe Fitness & at Home Workouts

I have never been a fan of at-home workouts, but I’ve had to adjust with all the gyms closing. I had heard about Obe before, so I gave it a try and absolutely love it. For a monthly subscription, you can access several different types of workouts from an app on your phone. There are  of HITT, strength, power, yoga, cardio dance, and Pilates workouts. There’s really something for everyone!  All the workouts are either 28 or 45 minutes, and you can choose to tune in to a live session or play one on replay. Since I’ve always loved class workouts (because I need someone to tell me what to do haha), this has been a GREAT way to workout during quarantine.

I also love our make-shift home gym. We bought some inexpensive mats and pulled out my dad’s old dumbbells. I also bought some workout bands from amazon that I use during Obe classes and love them! I’m sore every time I use them (lol!).

3. Quip Toothbrush

This is so random — but I really like this toothbrush! I’ve used a regular, manual toothbrush forever, but my dentist recently recommended that I switch to an electric one. I didn’t like the idea of charging or replacing the batteries in a toothbrush, but then I found the Quip toothbrush at Target. Not only is it small and sleek, but Quip will also mail you a new toothbrush head and one AAA battery every 3 months for $3. I love this because I don’t have to remember to buy a new brush head, and I know that my toothbrush will never run out batter at an inconvenient time since it’s replaced regularly. It’s probably kinda funny to love a toothbrush so much, but I would definitely recommend this one!

4. Waterproof Phone Case

This is SO nice to have in the summer time It’s so easy to slip your phone into, and the best part is that it floats! I can still use the touch screen when my phone is inside, and I’ve even used it to take pictures underwater. If you’re looking for a cheap but protective waterproof phone case, then this is the one to go with.

5. Bracelet Stacks

Recently, I decided that I want to start wearing bracelets more often (haha I have no idea why). I usually don’t care to wear things on my wrist (besides a smart watch), but I love the way a bracelet stack looks with an outfit. I found these cute beaded sets on Etsy, and am obsessed! I ordered several different colors and wear them all the time now. I also bought some new Pura Vida bracelets, which I also really love! 

6. Amazon Ring

Speaking of jewelry, I also recently purchases this dainty gold ring from Amazon and really love it. It’s a great every day piece!

7. Outerbanks

I know, I’m probably a little bit late jumping on this bandwagon. I recently finished the first season, and it was so good! Definitely my type of show. If you like mystery + teen drama, this show is definitely for you! It took me a couple episodes to actually get into it, but now I love it and want to watch it through a second time! Lol! 

8. Lilly Pulitzer Face Mask

Okay, to be honest, I HATE wearing a face mask. They’re pretty uncomfortable, and I feel like I’m suffocating whenever I have one on. But, since everyone needs to wear one now, I was determined to find a cute, stylish mask. I was also convinced that this would encourage me to wear a mask with a good (or better) attitude. I ordered this Lilly Pulitzer one, and it’s great. I love the cute pattern, and it’s pretty comfortable (for a mask anyways!). 

9. Garmin Venu

I’ve been wearing a Fitbit Versa for years and recently switched to a Garmin. I absolutely love it! I love the way it looks and all of its features. I’ll be writing a blog post comparing it to the Versa and sharing all features I love about it. It’s definitely encouraged me to go on runs even in the Texas summer heat!

10. Lululemon Track That Short

I’ve always loved Lulu leggings, but I’ve never worn a pair of their shorts until recently. I purchased a pair of their “Track That Short” and am obsessed! They are comfortable and great for running (I wear the 4 inch). I will SO be buying more pairs! 

Well this post was certainly random! What are your current obsessions? Can you relate to any of mine? Comment below!

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