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Dorm Room Essentials & College Packing List

So, you’re off to college? Moving to college was so fun; I LOVED shopping for my dorm and making my space feel like home. In this post, I’m sharing my top 10 dorm essentials. If I had to do dorm life again, I would definitely have these items! 

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1. Bath Robe

If you’re staying in a dorm with community bathrooms, then a bath robe is an absolute must! I got a monogrammed robe as a graduation present, and I love it so much. I still wear it everyday when I’m getting ready in the mornings. Even if you lucked out of the community bathroom situation, I still think a bath robe is great to have at college.

2. Utility Cart

This cute little cart was so helpful! My roommate and I kept our Keurig, coffee mugs, paper goods, and snacks on this rolling cart. It helped keep our space clean and organized and looked cute too! This would be great to have in your dorm for a little extra storage.

3. Shoe Organizer

I don’t know about you, but I have so many shoes (lol!). An over-the-door shoe organizer was an absolute essential in my dorm. Depending on your closet space, a shoe rack or shelf would work just as well!

4. Full Length Mirror

Mirrors are always a great way to make a space feel bigger. I’ve always loved to have a full length mirror (for those #ootd, ya know? Haha). In my freshman dorm, I used an over-door-mirror on my closet door, and it was perfect!

5. Wall Decor

Of course you have to have some cute decorations to make your room feel like home. It’s hard to make suggestions here since everyone’s style is different, but I really liked having bulletin boards on my wall. I got the “No Nails Pinboard” from Pottery Barn Teen, which was great for dorm walls. I printed some of my favorite pictures from high school to decorate them with.

6. Jewelry Organizer

There are so many options for this! I used my desk as a vanity and stored my jewelry in stackable organizers that fit into the drawers. This worked great for me, but there are also all kinds of jewelry stands, boxes, and hanging organizers. It just depends on your space!

7. Handheld Steamer

Okay! This was SO nice to have. I didn’t even think about bringing an iron to school, and I don’t think I ever would have used it if I did. But this handheld steamer was such an easy way to get the wrinkles out of my clothes. It’s small and is easy to store, too. I still use it now!

8. Wallflower

Most dorms don’t allow residents to burn candles, so a wall flower is a great alternative to make your dorm smell SO good! I get mine from Bath & Body Works and change out the scents regularly.

9. Desk Shelf

Some dorm-room desks are pretty basic, so this desk shelf is a great way to spruce up your work space. The desk in my dorm room had a hutch, so I didn’t need this, but I did buy it for the desk in my apartment, and I love it. It definitely makes my desk look a little happier!

10. Floor Lamp

The overhead lighting in dorms is pretty harsh, so adding some lamps or string lights makes the room feel much more homey. I used a floor lamp, which I kept close to my bed since I didn’t have a bedside table. The warm lighting definitely made our dorm feel a bit more like home! 

These are my top 10 suggestions for dorm room items! I found them to very useful my freshman year, and I hope they gave you some good ideas for your room. Dorm room shopping is so much fun! 

Here are some more pictures of my freshman dorm room: 

Clearly, my roommate and I coordinated our dorm. If you and your roommate have similar styles, I would definitely suggest doing this! It not only looks super cute, but it makes the room feel welcoming and put together. We had the bed skirts and large pillow custom made and bough the cream colored bedding from target. The CUTE monogrammed pillow is from Etsy (comes in many styles, shapes, and sizes), and we found the throw blanket on amazon. And of course, we had to add our stuffed animals to the mix (lol).

We had so much fun picking out the colors and fabrics, and I think it turned out very cute! I miss our little room (but definitely not the community baths.. lol). 

I hope my post helped you gain some inspiration for your dorm room! Good luck! 

much love, 

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    My daughter is preparing for college. I enjoyed your insights. Nicely done!

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    Great list! I have a rising senior so I will need all of these!!

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