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Fall 2021: Semester Recap

This semester has honestly been one of the best yet, and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting it to be. Since I’m starting my fifth year, I had a lot of good college friends graduate last semester and move away to start grad school or “real life” jobs. So, I was pretty bummed about not living in the same city as them and was certain college wouldn’t be the same without them. I definitely miss them A LOT, but  I not only have been able to see them quite often at Baylor football games, but this semester has also brought about new friendships that have been so special. On top of that, Baylor football is BACK and better than ever — we can now say we’re a basketball and a football school! And if that wasn’t good enough, I was also able to attend a graduate trip to New York and Washington, D.C. where we visited several accounting firms and Baylor alumni but also had plenty of time exploring the cities. Oh, and did I mention that grad school is just a blast?! It’s by no means easy, but our professors treat us more like colleges now, and our school work is much more project-based than exam based, which I prefer. Anyways, to sum it up, Fall 2021 was something special. Here are some pics and memories from the past four months. 


I moved back to Waco mid August (left picture). I have some great roommates, and it’s been a fun school year with them so far. Soon after school started, my friends and I took a trip out to Valleymills Vineyard in Waco. I had never been before (and honestly was surprised something like that existed in Waco), and I loved it! It was hot on the day we went, but the wine was great, the charcuterie was delicious, and the views were perfect. At the end of August (or perhaps the beginning of September), I took a quick day trip to Dallas to visit two of very best college friends. Starting the school year without them was weird, and I just couldn’t wait to see them! (p.s. Megan likes to blog too, so you check out her cute blog. her vacations and style are goals on top of goals! ) 


September can be summed up in three words: family, football and FUN! My family had season football tickets this year and came for every home game (with the exception of one). So I was able to see them quite often, which I appreciate (not sarcastic — I really do love their visits!). I could go on about football. It was SO. GREAT. I went to every home game and enjoyed the heck out of it. I also had take advantage of student tickets — won’t have that next season (but let’s not talk about that yet…). September was just fun. Our friend group, aka the “summer school squad” (named for our bonding during summer school), hung out every Thursday night. One week we went to the Astros-Rangers game in the new stadium in Dallas. They were so much fun to hang out with this semester! 


I can sum up October to Halloween & Homecoming. If you don’t know, Baylor has the best Homecoming celebration ever, and I enjoyed every minute of my last Homecoming before my last home-coming (get it?).  My little sis performed in Pig Skin (pictured left… and if you don’t know what that is… look it up. It’s too cool to put into words). Halloween was fun this year but very chill. I made cookies (obviously) and that’s about the most exciting I did all weekend, but no regrets! 

I also got to see the Homies (my senior year roommates) at a couple home football games, which totally made my day each time. They were the best roommates ever! 


Where do I even begin with the month of November. It was crazy and action packed and flew by so quickly. I actually didn’t really go to class during November. We went on our grad trip, which was a full week beginning with a long weekend in New York City followed by a full five days in Washington, D.C. That could be a blog post in of itself. It was SO MUCH FUN. It was also my first time really traveling since COVID, which just made it even more exciting. We saw and did so many fun things, and it will forever be a favorite college memory. 

So, I missed a full week of class for that trip, and then Baylor gave us the full week for Thanksgiving this year for the first time. I don’t know why they didn’t start doing that earlier, because it was great! 

Also in the month of November, one of my very best childhood friends got engaged to her highschool sweatheart. AND I was able to make cookies for her engagement party. it was so sweet and special! 


One word for December (since I’m on a roll with this): CHAMPIONS!!!! Baylor football beat OSU and won the Big 12 Championship, and I got to be there! The game was absolutely crazy, but it was a total BLAST! And, thankfully, had a great ending despite the fact that my heart stopped beating a few times. 

I also turned 23 this month, which is crazy and weird. I love having a birthday close to Christmas because Christmas festivities are so fun, but I also get to celebrate with my family in one of my favorite placed — home! 


If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading. I like to document because it’s fun for me, and I love looking back and being reminded of some of my favorite memories. I’ve shared a lot about my fall semester, so I would love to hear about yours. Comment below some of your favorite memories from Fall 2021! 


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