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Home for the Summer

Summer is my favorite time of the year. I absolutely love the hot weather (yes, even here in central Texas) and ALL the fun summer activities: going to the pool, barbecues, spending time on the lake, the Fourth of July, getting tan, vacations, etc. Although I’m an adult now and my summers have to be a little bit more productive than they used to be (yay for summer school and work), I still live for the summer. Regardless of what the Christmas carols say, I think summer is the most wonderful time of the year (lol, but really, I love Christmas time too so that’s probably not fair to say).
I always thoroughly enjoy the summertime, but this summer in particular has been one of the sweetest (despite the fact that I’ve been taking classes and working a ton). Although a part of me wanted to stay in Waco, a town I’ve grown to love and the home of THE best university ever, I chose to spend the summer with my family here in Austin. I’m not gonna lie – not having to pay for groceries, enjoying luxuries my apartment lacks, and mooching off my parents just a little bit have been some of my favorite parts about being home (hope you’re not reading this, dad). But as this summer has flown by, I’ve realized how truly grateful I am to be spending it with my family.

I’ve always known it, but I’ve come to understand that the time I have with my parents and younger sisters is truly finite. There will soon be a day when all three of us (my two sisters and I) will be grown adults with families out in the world doing our own thing. And I’m sure there will be day when I can’t easily drive an hour and half south one afternoon to see them. The time we have living under the same roof, the time we have before we’re all married with kids to look after, the time we have before we’re even more weighed down by life’s increasing demands, will be time we will never be able to get back.

I’ve also been treasuring the time I spend with my parents. As I’ve matured and started to learn to live on my own, I have sometimes forgotten that my parents are getting older too. I hope and pray that I have many more years to spend with them, but there will be a day when I’ll have to journey through the rest of my life without their presence, guidance, or every-day conversation. I do not dwell on this thought at all, but it sure does encourage me to truly cherish the time I have with them. I treasure the time I have to ask for advice from my mom, the time my dad and I spend talking about one the many interests we share, and the time the three of us spend sipping coffee in the morning before the day starts. There will be a day when this time has come and gone.

This summer, I couldn’t be more thankful. I’ve truly been living-it-up in here Austin for the past couple months. Not only is Austin one of the best cities to spend your summer in, but I’ve also been able to hold dear the precious time I have living at home with my two sisters and my amazing parents. All phases of life come and go so quickly, and it’s so important to stop and enjoy each one. Time is fleeting and will soon pass, and there will soon be a day when what I have now is gone. But right now, in this moment, I’m home for the summer.

Much love,

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