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Monthly Recap: July 2020

Well that’s another month of 2020 past us! July is usually one of my favorite months of the year (because summer), and although thing were W-E-I-R-D this year, it was still a very fun and memorable month. 

Fourth of July on Lake Travis

As I’ve said many times before, the Fourth is my favorite holiday. We (my family and I) have a history of spending the Fourth of July on Lake Travis boating and enjoying barbeque and quality family time. This year was a little different. For one, I was finishing up summer school and had to prepare for finals, which were scheduled for the Monday after the holiday weekend (Rude!). Two, the Fourth of July barbeque and firework show that we’ve attended the past five years was canceled because of COVID. It seemed like it was going to be a lousy Fourth this year, but I was determined to make the most of it. 

We were able to spend the weekend in the lake house we’ve rented for a week (or two!) every summer for the past few years. We spend time floating around the lazy river, eating some good food, and watching fireworks (socially distanced, of course!). 

I really enjoyed the weekend even though it wasn’t a “normal” Fourth of July celebration. With all the craziness happening in the world right now, it felt even more important to celebrate our country. 

A Peachy Keen Weekend in Fredericksburg

After the Fourth, I took my two finals and was done with school for awhile. I decided to take the rest of the summer off since it there were only a few weeks until I would have to move back to Waco. So I’ve been trying to keep myself busy with random projects around the house!

My dad had the idea of going to Fredericksburg, Texas for the weekend. If you’ve never been, Fredericksburg is the cutest little Texas town with vineyards and wineries, peach orchards, antique shops and more. It’s about two hours west from Austin (where I live), and the perfect place for a girls weekend or couples trip.

My family and I decided on taking my dad up on his idea of a quick getaway. We stayed in the “Big House” in Cotton Gin Village, which we’ve been to before. On Friday night, we enjoyed a fancy dinner at the Cotton Gin restaurant. It actually felt so weird to go somewhere for dinner and be served by a waiter! Of course, everyone wore masks and capacity was limited, but it was a nice taste of normalcy.

On Saturday morning, we got up early for a walk at the Lady Bird Johnson park nearby. The weather was perfect: there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and the humidity was low (for once!)

After our walk, we had breakfast at the Big House and headed out to get some peaches. Fredericksburg is known for having DELICIOUS fresh peaches. Usually you’re able to pick your own, but because of COVID, the orchards were closed. BUT we were able to purchase some at the many stands around town.



With dozens of fresh peaches loaded up in the back of the car, we headed to Main Street for lunch and shopping. It’s too hard to pass up a visit to Main Street when you’re in Fredericksburg! There are so many cute stores, antique shops, and boutiques. We bought some t-shirts, popcorn, candles, and other random finds. After eating lunch at Mac’s Barbeque, we headed back to the Big House for a bake off. 



We spend the afternoon making peach cobbler, peach pie, and peach muffins with our fresh, Fredericksburg peaches (they are seriously SO good). My sister and I made the cobbler, Mom and Dad worked on the pie, and my youngest sister took on the muffins for the next day’s breakfast. It was SO much fun! We jammed to music, baked, and enjoyed time together as a family (and the baked goods turned out to be amazing!)

On Sunday morning, we packed up and headed home early to make it to church on time. It was such a fun and refreshing weekend. It was one of the highlights of the summer for me!

That's a Wrap!

The rest of July is kind of a blur to be honest. Since I haven’t been working or taking classes, I haven’t had much of normal schedule. I moved out of my Waco apartment and am currently preparing to move into my new place for the fall semester. I’ve re-organized my room, purged my closet, cooked new recipes, and spent a lot of time working on my blog (which is so fun to me haha). It’s been a relaxed month filled with fun memories 🙂 Although I am SO ready to move back to Waco and to be back on Baylor’s campus next month, I know I’ll miss some parts of this quarantined summer. 

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