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New year, New blog?

Hi, friends, it’s me! It’s been awhile since I’ve invested time into my blog. I’m not sure if my absence on the blog was a lack of time or lack of inspiration… or a combination of both. The truth is, while I love being artsy and creative, my inspiration comes and goes in waves. There are days when all I wanna do is sit with the laptop and make graphics, design my site, and write posts. Then there are other days when I consider forgetting the whole thing and deleting it all. I can’t explain it, but fortunately, I’ve been in my “super inspired and creative” phase the past few weeks. And so, naturally, I changed my entire blog. Lol. Again, can’t explain it. 

Well, maybe I can. Before, my blog (previously called “Kamrynn with a K”) was branded as a college-focused blog but lacked central theme. I didn’t love the name, and I also didn’t want to focus on college content anymore since I’ll be graduating in a few short months. As I started brainstorming new blog names, I considered my favorite hobbies and what I enjoy sharing most on social media. The answer came quickly: cookies! I love to bake and decorate and cookies, and if you follow my instagram, you’re familiar with my seasonal cookie posts :). I love posting cookie creations, but I also love sharing outfits, life updates, or just what’s on my mind/what the Lord is teaching me. So I came up with Sweeten the Day, which is designed to do just that. My posts may cover a range of topics, from cookie decorating, to shopping guides, to my faith journey, but they will each be written with the same goal in mind: to encourage, inspire, and sweeten your day 😉

I’ve made some updates on my site (including a couple new posts), so you should poke around and check out what’s new. I also love hearing from readers, so comment below:  what are some of your hobbies and what are your favorite blog posts to read?

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