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The Best Planner for College

I live by my planner. It helps me organize my school work, plan my schedule, and stay on track with my “to-do’s” for the week. I started using a planner in high school, but it has become even more important in college. I think I’d be so lost without it! 

Over the years, I’ve used many types of planners. I used to love filling out my hour-by-hour schedule, and my Passion Planner was perfect for this. Then I switched to Day Designer where I kept track of a daily to-do list and monthly calendar. Both of these planners were so great, but I decided I wanted something more customizable. After some research, I came across Golden Coil. Golden Coil lets you customize your entire planner (or notebook!) to fit your needs, and they have SO many great layouts. I spent forever looking at every layout design and decided on exactly what I wanted in my planner. I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now and I LOVE it. Here’s how I’ve used it to organize my busy college schedule: 

1. Yearly Layout 

At the beginning of my planner, I have a yearly overview. This could be used in so many ways, but I use it mainly for blogging. After I’ve decided what posts I want to publish each month, I write it here so that I can quickly see my content plan for the upcoming year. I keep a more detailed account on OneNote, but I like to have a simple overview in my planner (plus I really love to write things down — anyone else?) 

2. Monthly Layout

I start each month by looking ahead at important dates: birthdays, deadlines, events, etc. It helps me to see the big picture so that I’m prepared when those crazy weeks come around! Sometimes I’ll take the time to color code everything, but other times I just quickly jot everything down. I refer to this page quite often throughout the month! 

3. School Layout 

This is one of Golden Coil’s newer layouts, and I love it! I added 2 pages after each monthly layout (so it shows 4 weeks). This is where I keep a weekly overview of all my school assignments. It’s helpful to see everything that’s due for the week at one glance. I also love that I can quickly look over at the next page to see upcoming assignments for the next week or two. 

4. Weekly Layout 

I was hesitant to choose this layout for my weekly pages because it’s not something I would normally choose. BUT it’s worked SO great for school purposes. There are six rows, so each class is assigned a row. At the beginning of the week, I take some time to write my “t0-do’s” for that class for a certain day of the week. I’m loving having this set up because it’s a good visual of the specific assignments I need to work on for a day. I can also easily when I have a lot work to do for one class because of the way it’s organized. I use this page mainly for specific tasks for the day, and then I refer to the weekly “school layout” to see a better overview of what’s due when. 

5. Blank page 

This is probably my favorite part of my new planner. I added a simple blank page to end of every week that I can use for WHATEVER I want. It can be a to-do list, packing list, doodles, random thoughts, anything! It’s my “bullet journalling” page if you know what that is. I love having this space to use it for whatever I may need for that specific week. 

If you’re like me and love geeking out over your planner, I hope this post gave you some inspiration! I’m always searching Pinterest to find new ways to organize my planner and to make it look pretty. What are your favorite ways to use your planner? Comment below! 

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