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The Grand Hike: Hiking 13 Miles Through the Grand Canyon

As a way to kick off summer and spend some time together before the craziness of summer begins, my dad and youngest sister and I took a trip to the Grand Canyon to hike and enjoy the outdoors. This was our first trip post-Covid, and it was SO enjoyable and much needed!

Our trip began with an afternoon flight to Phoenix, AZ. Everything at the airport felt normal, except for everyone wearing masks. Other than that, it was like Covid never existed! 

The first day of our trip was designated for our “Grand Hike” — a 13 mile round trip down the South Rim and back up. We knew it was gonna be a challenge, but we were so excited to conquer it!

We got the trail ahead around 6:30am. Before beginning the descent, we enjoyed the magnificent views of the morning sun rising over the canyon. With our backpacks filled with water and plenty of snacks for the long day ahead, we hit the trail! 

The first trail we took was Kaibob. It was steep, 4.5 mile downhill trail to the (near) bottom of the canyon. We made sure to take plenty of  breaks to rest our knees, enjoy the views and document our hike (Before beginning our hike, we marked 8 checkpoints on the map to stop and take a selfie! It was a fun way to track our distance during the day and remember to take pictures).

At the bottom of Kaibob, we cut across on the Tonto trail; another 4+ mile stretch. Except this trail was much more flat, which felt much easier! I loved this portion of the hike because it was less crowded trail and the views from the bottom of the canyon looking up were incredible. We powered through this leg of the hike pretty quickly and without stopping. 

The last 4.5 mile of our hike was an uphill climb on the Bright Angel Trail, one of the most popular Grand Canyon trials. This was probably the most exhausting portion of our hike because we had already hiked about 9 miles,  and the rest was all incline. It was also afternoon, and although the weather was perfect, it started to feel quite warm as we were marching up the canyon. 

After almost 8 hours of hiking, we finally reached the top! It was an incredible feeling to have completed a 13 mile hike. I loved the challenge and had so much fun completing it with my dad and sister. It was a great reminder of God’s magnificence, too. I loved exploring the gorgeous canyon he created and was reminded of how thankful I am for my body’s ability to keep me goin’! 

We were quite exhausted after such a long day hiking, so we ordered in dinner fell asleep around 8pm (lol!). I can’t even explain my appetite that day — after burning so much energy, I felt like I could eat as much as I wanted and still not feel full! 

The morning after our Grand Hike, we woke up early to watch the sunrise over the canyon. It was gorgeous; the pictures can’t quite capture the beauty of it. It’s sights like these that make me question how some people refuse to believe there’s a God who created something so beautiful. 

After sipping our coffee and watching the sunrise, we hit the road to head to Las Vegas, Nevada (quite the change of scenery!). We stopped at the Grand Canyon West to check out the sky walk on our way. It was pretty freaky to walk over a glass walkway thousands of feet above the Grand Canyon! 

In Las Vegas, we tackled a couple of smaller hikes at the Red Rock Canyon. Then we enjoyed some well-deserved R&R poolside before catching an early flight the next morning.  

Even though our trip was short and sweet, it was soooo fun and a much needed getaway! It felt great to travel after over a year the world being mostly shut down. I’d say it was pretty grand 🙂 (and so was the company!!)! 

Much love, 

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